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With the temperature rising every year, the air conditioner has become one of the most important appliances in the modern world, especially for people living in urban areas. The basic function of an air conditioning unit is to remove and replace warm air by blowing out cooler air, so as to achieve a more comfortable temperature in the environment. Post setting up and installing an air-conditioning unit, it is imperative to make sure it is functioning smoothly for a long duration of time. An AC repair firm caters to residences, commercial spaces as well as industrial centers. AC units are generally classified into central AC, split AC, window AC or portable AC. Towards the upkeep of an air-conditioning unit, an AC company is not only involved in providing various on-demand services but also offer annual maintenance contracts. It may get difficult to bear a hot summer with a broken or malfunctioning AC unit. AC technicians employed with AC repair firms are professionally trained well to get your AC to function normally. To locate one from a vast list of service providers and dealers offering AC Repair & Services in Trivandrum, simply scroll up the page.

Services offered:-
  • AC Cooling problem
  • AC noise issue
  • AC ice formation problem
  • Gas filling service
  • AC servicing
  • AC installation/ AC uninstallation
  • AC stabilizer repair
  • AC startup problem
Types of Services:-

Split AC Repair Service

A split air conditioner consists of the outdoor unit and the indoor unit. The outdoor unit is installed on or near the wall outside of the room or space that you wish to cool. If you want split ac servicing for your indoor and outdoor unit, split ac installation, un-installation then fill our booking form or call us.

Window AC Repair Service

Window AC (air conditioner) is mounted on windows or walls. It is a single unit that is assembled in a casing where all the components are located. For window ac servicing, window ac installation / un-installation fill our booking form or call us.

Multi Split Ac Repair Service

Multi-split AC has two separate units one outside your home and the other inside. Our expert service partners provide all brands repair service of built-in multi-split AC with 100% client satisfaction. Our service partner comes to your doorstep and repairs your ac instantly.

Cassette Ac Repair Service

Cassette AC is combined with an indoor cassette and an outdoor unit. Ezeejobs is providing the best service partners for your cassette ac (air conditioner) repair service at a reasonable price at your doorstep. Book your service with just one call.

Portable Ac Repair Service

Have you faced any problem with your portable AC like starting issue, stops working on its own, portable unit won't cool, no cool air coming out of this little unit. So book your complaint now to fill our booking form or call us.

Central AC Repair Service

Central AC is a system in which air is cooled at a central location and distributed to and from rooms by one or more fans and ductwork. Our service partner is an expert to repair in central AC so book your service with us or call us right away.

Packaged Ac Repair Services

Our service partner is an expert in repairing packaged air conditioners so don't sweat in the heat in summers and get cool clean air. Book your service fast or call us for quality service at your doorstep at reasonable prices.

Ducted Ac Repair Service

If the duct of your ac is leaking or blocked or has holes then it can reduce the efficiency of ac so get it fixed at a single call us or fill our booking form. Our expert ac technician will come to your doorstep and repair your ac instantly.

It is very important to take care of it right away and when it comes to tackling the issues with any kind of cooling appliance, we are the most proficient service providers available in the market with all well trained and experienced professionals, who can resolve all the issues. If you are looking for an expert, well trained, and experienced professional, who can help you out then you are just at the right place. We provide you a hassle-free repair service experience. All you need to do is to fill the booking form on our website and our expert professional will be right at your doorstep shortly. You can totally rely on us for the best repair services. Our experts provide the most effective and efficient repair services without any fuss and that too at a very legitimate and reasonable price. Full Customer satisfaction and quality service have always been our focus points and those are the reasons why we are gradually becoming Kerala's top service providers.