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Plumbers in trivandrum 100

Plumbers in Trivandrum

Electricians in trivandrum 108

Electricians in Trivandrum

Welders in trivandrum 101

Welders in Trivandrum

Carpenters in trivandrum 108

Carpenter in Trivandrum

CCTV Installers in trivandrum 100

CCTV Installers in Trivandrum

Aluminium fabricators in trivandrum 104

Aluminium Fabricators in Trivandrum

Ac repairing in trivandrum 110

Ac Repairing in Trivandrum

Mixer repairing in trivandrum 116

Mixer Repairing in Trivandrum

Grinder repairing in trivandrum 121

Grinder Repairing in Trivandrum

TV servicing in trivandrum 111

TV Servicing in Trivandrum

Computer servicing in trivandrum 109

Computer Servicing in Trivandrum

Laptop servicing in trivandrum 105

Laptop Servicing in Trivandrum

Physiotherapists in trivandrum 125

Physiotherapists in Trivandrum

Gas stove repairs in trivandrum 151

Gas Stove Repairs in Trivandrum

Mason-in-trivandrum 100

Mason in Trivandrum

Solar panel installers in trivandrum 131

Solar Panel Installers in Trivandrum

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  • 5. You select the one based on the quote and rating.

If you want a work.

  • 1. Register using basic information.
  • 2. Select the Services you can offer
  • 3. EzeeJobz will get the work you need

Its that simple.

EzeeJobz's pilot operations are limited in and around Trivandrum, but we will
be expanding our services all over kerala very soon.