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Unlike the other babysitter website, services, or nanny services in Trivandrum, EzeeJobz matches you with a baby sitter who will care with one or even more children in your family as a service. Working as a Babysitter, Parents can hire a variety of child care providers, ranging from babysitters to live-in nannies to mother's assistants. With so many options, it's easy for parents looking for care — and sometimes even caregivers looking for work — to become confused and overwhelmed.

Hire A Babysitter In Trivandrum

We are not a maid agency. Ezeejobz is an online portal. You can hire babysitter, home tutors, caretakers and more through us without paying agency commission.

Here, we focus on providing you with the entire baby - sitting information you need, including who babysitters are, what they can do for families, and how much they cost.

Are you searching for a Baby Sitter in Trivandrum?

Join our local moms and childcare workers that have first-hand experience caring for children! Our screened staffs of competent and compassionate babysitters are committed to providing excellent care for all children.

Baby Sitters are usually in charge of organising activities for your children (such as games, sports, arts and crafts, and so on) as well as monitoring play dates. Some sitters, however, may be prepared to take on more tasks in exchange for more money (e.g., cooking, light housekeeping, driving children to and from scheduled activities and helping with homework).

Above all things, a babysitter is accountable for the children in their care's safety and well-being.

Parents' principal purpose is providing safe and appropriate babysitting services without the need for alternative parents. No matter how responsible the sitter is, she or he does not provide the same level of care for the child as a parent, and expecting a carbon-copy parent is unrealistic. Parents will let the youngster to be themselves (within the parameters of the family's requirements and norms) and to make her own decisions once they are sure that the babysitter is a respectable and caring person. Most parents give the babysitter broad instructions about bedtime, appropriate activities and conduct while the parents are away, and who to call in the event of an emergency.

The age & amount of kids, the maturity level of a babysitter, the form of care expected of the sitter, the duration of day (or night), whether or not the sitter drives are all factors in determining babysitter pay rates. The compensation rate is also determined by the distance travelled to the employment. In any given area, the going rate changes by geographical area and throughout time.

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Concerns from the parents

Children should be informed ahead of time that their parents will be out of the house and that they will be cared for by a babysitter. It's fairly uncommon for young toddlers to cry when they discover their parents are going, especially whether they are initially receptive. When parents depart, the tears will dry; in reaction to children's cries, it is helpful to minimise the situation and leave joyfully, telling small children that their parents will return. This is an opportunity for the babysitter to provide comfort to the youngsters. She can divert their attention by conversing with them or suggesting the next activity.

Baby Sitters should be familiar with the household's routines, authorised television shows, suggested bedtime tales, and bedtime.

What You Should Know Before Hiring A Babysitter?

"It takes a community to raise a child," they say. The work of raising children may be stressful for parents. It is difficult for families with two working parents. And raising children as a single parent is harder. The only reasonable solution is to hire a nanny or even a babysitter. However, before you make a decision, read through this checklist. It will assist in providing the best possible care for your child.

  1. Assess your criteria — Before you start looking for a nanny, make a list of your requirements. Do you want a live-in nanny or a part-time nanny? How long do you really want the nanny to stay with you? Make a list of the duties you'd like the babysitter to take on.
  2. Background check - Because you will be entrusting your child's care to the babysitting, you must thoroughly investigate their background. If possible, avoid hiring a babysitter with a criminal record. Make a note of your relatives' house address, personal phone number, and contact information.
  3. Age — A 60-year-old woman will be unable to provide the attention and care that a child demands. A girl under the age of 14 must not be employed since it is against the law. Most families prefer mothers who have their own children. Women of this kind have the ideal disposition for raising children.
  4. Working with youngsters - When working with youngsters, having a charming attitude is crucial. If the individual you're thinking about isn't warm and kind, he or she might not have been the right fit for the child.
  5. Hygiene and health - If the babysitting or nanny is wearing filthy clothes, you should reconsider employing them. The person applying for the job must be physically active and in good health.
  6. Language – Language may be a significant hurdle. Your youngster will be confused if you talk with him or her in a language other than that of the babysitter. Different languages might cause language development abilities to be delayed in younger children who learn to talk.
  7. Cooking - The majority of nannies and babysitters make meals for the children they look after. Make absolutely sure the babysitter takes your child's preferences into account if he or she has a special taste and you want a certain sort of food provided. Also, talk to your babysitter about dietary allergies, sleep times, and behaviour.
  8. Your degree of comfort – Whenever you see the babysitter for first time and feel at ease, you know you've found the right person for the job. If something doesn't seem right and you're on the fence, keep looking for the perfect nanny. When it comes to choosing her children, a mother's intuition is the finest guidance.
  9. Comfort level of the child – Your selected candidate may be unable to console your youngster. If that's the case, give it two more tries. If things don't improve, it's time to choose a new candidate. A kid-friendly attitude is required of the babysitter caring for the youngster. She may not have been a suitable match if the youngster finds her disturbing.
  10. How will you monitor - You'll need to think about how you'll maintain track of the individual who is babysitting your child. Nanny cams can be installed. Some cameras use an app to send a camera stream to your phone. Continue to call at regular intervals and talk with your child whenever feasible. Surprise them with a visit.

A babysitter isn't a substitute for parents. They do, however, provide a welcome break while both parents are working. As a parent or a guardian, you'll be relieved to learn that someone is looking after your child while you're gone. You'll be able to maintain your happiness and focus on your work more effectively. When you're at home with your kids, they'll be overjoyed to see you.

Responsibilities of a Babysitter:
  • Both inside and outside the house, children are looked after.
  • Prepares healthy meals.
  • Sticks to a regular schedule.
  • Some light housework is done.
  • Involves children in fun activities.
  • Keeps children's living and play areas clean.
  • Assists with schooling and tutoring as needed.
  • Feeding, diapering, and clothing new-borns are all part of the job.
  • Covers the physical, social, & emotional requirements of the children they are responsible for.
  • Provides structure and conveys behavioural expectations in a consistent manner.
  • Encourages good hygiene and healthful habits, as well as toilet training.
  • Transports children to and from school, as well as play dates and events.
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