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Are you looking for Coconut Climbers in your location? If yes, you've come to the rightspot.

EzeeJobz have seasoned coconut tree climbers on our team. In Trivandrum and the surrounding areas, we have a large number of consumers. We give coconut climbing services for any number of trees, from the smallest to the largest. For harvesting & coconut plant protection operations, we have a professional group of youths. We'll hire coconut tree climber to harvest the fruit. All coconut tree-related activities, including planting, care, and coconut plucking, may be performed according on customer needs.

How to get Coconut Tree Climber / Plucker Contact Phone Number near Me?

It’s very simple register here or download our app Ezeejobz. You can get verified and skilled worker near your location. Ezeejobz is an online portal will connect you with the largest number of coconut tree climbers in Trivandrum. In a matter of seconds, you'll have a list of coconut tree climbers in and around Trivandrum.

Find Here the Coconut Pluckers/Coconut Tree Climbers

Coconut is the most essential fruit with in tropics because it provides valuable water that is high in potassium and other nutrients. Enjoy the results of your effort and have fun climbing.

Kerala, which literally translates as "country of the coconut palm," is known for its beautiful backwaters and coconut palms. Coconut farmers have traditionally hired experienced climbers to pick the fruit from the tops of a coconut trees. However, the skill of climbing trees has lost its charm over time, and finding such expert climbers has become increasingly difficult. Mr M. J. Joseph, the late, foresees this difficulty and created an ingenious tree climb that makes life simpler for the individual.

Other inventive inventions include equipment for extracting coconut milk & juice from fruits. The tree climber, however, is his most well-known invention. This tree climber aids in the ascension of tall trees such as coconut and areca nut plants. This basic and easy-to-use equipment for climbing up or down coconuts, arecanut, or even other similar trees comes in useful for those who have never been trained to climb such large trees, allowing them to do the task quickly and easily.

We insisted that it be capable of climbing a coconut tree in a fair amount of time. It should be simple enough for a single person to handle and operate. To ascend, our model makes use of motorised wheels. The battery is placed on the ground to save weight as much as possible. The tree is held in place by three pairs of wheels, which are held in place by three pairs with high tension springs. To harvest the fruit with wider access, a rail is employed to direct the cutting arms around the palm tree. The frame may be opened and fastened onto the tree thanks to a locking mechanism. It may be quite beneficial to even the most experienced individuals. They can save time and energy by reducing drudgery and climbing quicker. It could be used for nut collection or pesticide spraying. With simple modifications, it is also used to mount power poles.

Have you been unable to locate a coconut climber in Trivandrum?

In Trivandrum, we offer you the best coconut climbing services. Experienced climbers are available via EzeeJobz. Who really can take care of your coconut harvesting on a daily basis for a reasonable price. We can help you discover coconut climbers to your site. We have such a database of skilled coconut climbers that not only work quickly and courteously, but also provide reasonable, low costs to meet your demands.