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Are you looking for a Motor Service in Trivandrum?

Our juicer mixer grinder services in Trivandrum is the best because it not only brings you customer satisfaction along with the quality of our products but also our professionals are always ready to help you according to your need of appliance repair, at your doorstep at your relevant time. It uses the latest technology to protect and secure your juicer mixer grinder and give you 100% satisfaction. EzeeJobz assures you Superior and Affordable juicer mixer grinder services.

The professional will be able to advise the recommended service and final quote after detecting the fault with the appliance. All the parts used by our professionals are 100% genuine.

We are providing services for-:

  • All brands mixer grinder repair
  • Grinder Rotary Switch repair service
  • Wet Grinder Repairing Service
  • Wonder Mixer Grinder
  • Jar Coupler repair service
  • Stand Mixer repair service
  • Hand Mixer repair service
  • Meat Grinder repair service
  • Leaking mixer grinder
  • Stuck buttons of the mixer grinder
Juicer Mixer Grinder repairing Services and many more!

When your mixer grinder isn't working, cooking might be put on hold. It's a crucial component of the kitchen. One of the leading service providers in the industry, EzeeJobz is pleased to provide its mixer grinders repair services at the most competitive rates in the industry. We have a solid reputation as one of Trivandrum's top companies offering mixer grinder repair services. Any mixer, juicer, or grinder from any manufacturer may be repaired by us.

Due to its ability to do intricate, time-consuming tasks in a matter of seconds, the mixer grinder has evolved into a necessary component of every household appliance. Indian kitchens are incredibly adaptable and increasingly rely on both food components and ground spices. A vital part is played by a mixer or grinder in every kitchen. If something goes wrong or doesn't operate well, this will cause a serious issue that practically every housewife and cook will have to deal with.

The most frequent causes of mixer or juicer mixer malfunctions are damaged overload switches, motors, water leaks, burst transformers, etc. Get the greatest experienced qualified specialist, like us, to repair your appliance.

Motor Repair Services Near Me

Hundreds of everyday objects we use motors as vital parts. The EzeeJobz on motor maintenance explains how a motor operates, what frequently bad happens, how to spot a motor issue, and what supplies and equipment are required to repair it. Instructions on how to check an appliances motor, service a motor's drive mechanism, service a motor's gears, and repair a motor's fan blades are then provided in straightforward, step-by-step directions. Electric saw, floor polisher, food grinder, power tool, slide projector, small appliance, and other appliance repairs may require motor repair.

A driving mechanism of some sort is included in many motors, which transmits the rotation of the shaft to another component. Drive mechanisms can be fixed or replaced as well.

How Can a Motor Go Wrong?

Despite being effective, motors may act against themselves. A minor issue can grow into a major one very rapidly, and before long the motor is irreparably destroyed. Fortunately, the majority of motors will let you know when they need repair—sometimes gently, sometimes not. Motors become loud, overheat, and freeze up. They also burn out and burn out.

How Can I Spot a Motor Issue?
  • The motor shaft's gears may be misaligned or its bearing may be worn out if they wobble.
  • Sparks may be coming from the motor's rotors, stator, or brushes if you notice them there.
  • A slight hot oil, metallic, or plastic stench indicates that the engine is overheated and may need lubrication.
  • A sharp, unpleasant scent might indicate that the motor's windings need to be repaired.
  • If the engine is too warm to touch, there can be a blockage in the area's ventilation.
  • The motor's bearings can be worn out if it creates a grinding sound.
Why Do You Select EzeeJobz Services?
  • 1. Excellent Repairs.
  • 2. Home-based Service.
  • 3. A Replacement Guarantee.
  • 4. Best mixer repairs.
Why are we the best?
  • Safe and dependable.
  • Verified & Trained Workers.
  • Affordable price
  • Outstanding customer service.
  • Worker Administration & Record.
  • Quality Control.
  • Dependable repair for mixer grinders.

Please let our support centre team members know if you are experiencing any of the aforementioned issues so we can fix it. If it is still covered by the warranty, do not attempt to fix it yourself. Please let us know if you are experiencing any other particular issues.

Secure your equipment by only entrusting it to qualified and experienced individuals, such as our Trivandrum crew of mixer grinders repair service. Our excellent customer service and better rates have made us well-known. For just any Mixer Grinders/Motor Repair Services in Trivandrum, turn to EzeeJobz. You won't find a bargain like the one we give you from any other technicians.